The latest summary of Maine home prices is out, and once again Portland is one click posher, and Lincoln County persists as the Reny’s of real estate. And up to The County, real estate is steady state, with the median home price chugging along in the $70s-$80s.

Portland just continues to roar, along with South Portland and nearby towns. At about $240,000 per house, Cumberland County is finally on a par with the rest of the Northeast. Southern Maine has officially arrived.

Midcoast Maine is departing. Or something. Beautiful, historical housing abounds; buyers don’t.

And The County, let’s hear it for The County. A retiree would be well advised to head north for her leisure years instead of trying to cram onto the Portland peninsula with every other Baby Boomer in the Eastern U.S. There you can buy three houses for the price of one, and Quebec City, which is every bit as cool at Portland, is just across the River.

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