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HANNAH HOLMES is a Maine native who revels in the arcane technologies and techniques found in Maine’s famously old housing stock. Previously a journalist, her writing clients have included National Geographic, The Discovery Channel Online, and The Old House Journal. Her realty clients have included a wildlife rehabilitator seeking three bedrooms, two baths, and accommodations for a large alligator. 
As a real estate broker, her operating principle is that knowledge is power. To that end her goal in any transaction is to provide clients with all the information they need to make a financially sound and durable decision. A swift analyst and communicator, she is a formidable ally in today’s fast-moving market.
Hannah is the author of four popular science books with subjects ranging from the science of personality, to the unique wildlife habitat provided by suburbs, and dust. Yes, dust. Google <Hannah Holmes dust> if you don’t believe me.



Nice Things People Publish

When THE WELL DRESSED APE was published, the fabulous Penelope Green from the New York Times Home section came to investigate my habitat. I remain unduly prideful that she said the beach rocks I wired to my living room wall were one of the coolest things she had ever seen. Click to link. Screenshot (32)

Recently the Portland Press Herald’s equally interesting Mary Pols compiled this profile for the paper’s new SOURCE section, which addresses food issues in this curious state. Click to link.Screenshot (34)Screenshot (33)

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