Marsala (lower right) and prior offenders.

Marsala (lower right) and prior offenders.

Murderers take note: In 2015, should the color-mavens at Pantone have their way, hiding blood spatter at the murder scene should get a whole lot easier.

This year’s color is actually named Marsala, so cleaning up wine spatter should go a little faster, too.

While I like this color as a lipstick, (in which world it would go by “plump raisin,” “bruised plum,” or “blood stain”), without some pretty lively friends I think  it’s going to seem high in gray, and low in happiness. An accent color? Maybe. But what would the main color be? What color, really, goes with blood? Cooling Corpse?

If you had to pick a color to inspire your 2015, right now, what would it be?

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